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Small, local and in harmony with nature- these are the principles by which we operate. We provide wholesome food for local customers, doing what we like to call "Just Farming".

From the time-honoured tradition of feeding kitchen slops to our pigs, to using our draft horses for ploughing, we use methods that respect the health of the environment and the people growing and eating our food. Simply put, there are no synthetic chemicals or unecessary medications used to grow our vegetables or raise our livestock.

If this sounds like good news to you, our produce and meat can be purchased at the Duncan Farmer's Market during the summer months or through special orders by phone. Seasonal veggies can also be bought through our "box" program.

We are a family-owned farm and have lived in the Cowichan Valley for the past six years. We are proud to provide our family, friends and community with good food that we can stand by and welcome any questions you may have about our farm!

in the garden

(In this photo: Emily, Annette, Rupert and Kate)

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